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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: Building Envelope, Roof and HVAC Replacements and Kitchen Renovations, Flooring and Sinks

Building Envelope Status: Initiation

This project will replace dated and failing window systems around the school, including rotted seals. 

  • Progress through Q3: A site assessment was undertaken with an engineering consultant to initiate the first phase of the design proposal. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Design development of plans and specifications to address water intrusion issues including demolition of windows/sills and design of new window systems. 

Roof Replacement (Phase I) Status: Completed

These funds are provided to replace roof systems that have reached the end of their useful life and address the required maintenance issues identified in our annual roof assessment. 

  • Progress through Q3: Phase 1 of this project is closed. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Prepare construction documents for Phase 2 of the project. Offer an invitation to bid in June 2020. 

Kitchen Renovation and Servery Upgrades Status: Initiation

This project includes kitchen upgrades, as well as reconfiguration of the serving area. The upgraded design will address the need for a defined serving area that allows for faster and more efficient queuing/purchasing of food. 

  • Progress through Q3: The project parameters were assessed through the completed kitchen assessment study. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: An invitation to bid will be posted for design services to be completed this year with construction planned for Summer 2021. 

HVAC Replacement (Phase II) Status: Implementation

This project is in the second phase of an HVAC replacement; a total of 12 units will be replaced. 

  • Progress through Q3: A contractor has been selected. A contract and purchase order was issued to Protec Construction, Inc. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Perform construction administration for the project. Review the materials and equipment submittals, as well as, shop drawings and requests for information for the project. Schedule equipment fabrication and delivery to the site.

Offices and Conference Room Flooring and Restroom Sink Renovation Status: Implementation

This project includes abatement and luxury vinyl flooring in the psychiatrist’s and social worker’s offices, as well as in the conference rooms. The project also includes adding two sink shrouds in both the boys’ and the girls’ bathrooms near the cafeteria. 

  • Progress through Q3: Procurement completed and work on the flooring was completed over the winter break. Additional parts were required for the sink shrouds and they were ordered. 
  • Progress through Q4: Sink shrouds to be completed in Q4. 

Read the Quarter 3 report

October - December 2019: HVAC Renovations

Progress was made in Q2 toward the HVAC system project at Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School. The construction documents were completed, an invitation to bid posted and it is anticipated the contract will be awarded in Q3.

Facility Work Completed Over Summer of 2019

$236,980 was spent on roofing.

Total amount spent on modernization projects for Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School (formerly known as the Matthew Maury Elementary School) between July through September 2019: $236,980.

Targeted Assessment: Comprehensive Condition Audit

In August, 2019, ACPS published the results of a targeted comprehensive condition audit of Naomi Brooks performed by third party contractors. The auditors found the following issues:

  • Properly Support Gas Piping on Roof, Replaced Rooftop HVAC Units Have High Curb Adapters Making Maintenance Difficult and Hazardous. Stormwater from Roof Discharges at Foundation Wall, Excessive Moisture in Basement Mechanical Room, Numerous Crawl Space Vents are Sealed, Preventing Proper Ventilation of Crawl Space.

Read more about the audit of Naomi L. Brooks Elementary (Matthew Maury) in this report, starting on page 91.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates